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SEIU: CLEAN Act targets New York City’s dirty laundries

A new bill aims to help New York City’s industrial laundry owners take out their dirty laundry. The City Laundry Equity and Accountability (CLEAN) Act would authorize new standards of cleanliness for industrial laundries and for laundry delivery trucks. Read

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SEIU: The CLEAN Act will help clean up New York City’s dirty laundries

Believe it or not: New York City’s industrial laundries aren’t like the Laundromat on your block. Industrial laundries are large factories that wash the napkins you use at restaurants, the gowns you wear at the doctor, and the sheets you

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El Diario – Presentarán medida para frenar abuso a inmigrantes en lavanderías

NUEVA YORK – Algo huele mal en las lavanderías industriales no reguladas de la ciudad. A diferencia de las lavanderías públicas, controladas por el Departamento de Asuntos del Consumidor (DCA), en aquellas no sólo cometen violaciones sanitarias sino que se

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WFUV 90.7 NYC Lawmakers want to clean up dirty laundry

New York City lawmakers have introduced a bill into the City Council that would regulate industrial laundries that violate health and labor standards. These laundries aren’t like your local dry cleaner. They wash by the ton for hospitals, hotels, and

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New York Daily News: Council to introduce bill requiring laundry plants to get license from city

City Council members want to clean up the dirty laundry at large industrial wash centers that handle hotel and restaurant linens A bill to be introduced Thursday would require the laundry plants to get a license from the city. The

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Supporters of the CLEAN Act:

  • New York Communities for Change
  • Make the Road New York
  • New York Immigration Coalition
  • SEIU Local 32BJ
  • SEIU Committee of Interns and Residents
  • Workers United Laundry Distribution and Food Service Joint Board
  • 1199 SEIU
  • Local 2013 of the UFCW